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What Clients Say

Below are experiences related by clients across a variety of areas from Sales & Services to Product and Operations, executive suite to front-line leader.

"I have a limited amount of time to create exceptional results by effecting crucial-yet-difficult changes. My partnership with Zito has undoubtedly helped me accelerate all of this while also doing so with more clarity and security. He helps identify costly blindspots, introduces invaluable new perspectives, and helps me directly address conflict and risk in healthy ways.  The result is incremental multiples of ROI for our investors.  This is why, less than one year into partnering, my leadership team and I are eager to expand our work with him over the next 12 months."


Private Equity Roll-Up

“As the CRO of a publicly traded company, the pressures and complexities are high.  Zito is instrumental to supporting both my actions and my head-game. This year, I've been able to drive 90% growth on a 9-figure business with a 20% budget cut amidst an economic slump from the global pandemic.  These kinds of results aren't easy, but Zito has helped me adopt valuable new perspectives, employ practical methods in my day-to-day, and he creates equal parts accountability and inspiration. As I texted him only days ago: I couldn't do this without him." 


Publicly-Traded Tech Business

After some concerning attrition with a key customer segment of a $10M business, we brought in Zito as both consultant and executive coach. In the former capacity he delivered a systematic diagnosis and detailed 6-month plan forward.  As coach, we tasked him with an atypical and challenging objective, which he delivered on successfully.  As a result, we've made some significant changes giving us confidence that we're back on the right path, and we expect to continue partnering with him in the future as new challenges surface

Mid-Stage Analytics Business

"Zito is a life-saving operational partner & executive coach.  Our partnership allows me to take a step back from the chaos of day-to-day firefighting and re-focus on the opportunities that are most impactful. I left a recent session with an entirely new focus than I entered with, and a strategy to complete a deliverable that will unlock 33% in topline growth this FY.


Zito helps me challenge deeply-held assumptions, make progress against personal development and leadership goals, and he’s a close advisor in exploring and developing my thoughts on business-impacting solutions. 


VC- Backed Tech-Enabled Services Business

In working with Zito, I've deliberately increased the amount of time I'm spending on high-impact work by 3-4x.  This is directly translating into business results: I recently saved one of our largest contracts from being significantly reduced by employing actions I wouldn't previously have taken, leveraging perspectives I wouldn't previously have held. That single instance alone repaid the cost of our partnership by exponential amounts.

Enterprise SaaS Platform

Two worksessions in and I was already less stressed - which is perhaps the most important thing I could get from this partnership. Last week we designed strategies to unlock $5-$10M in revenue for the remainder of this FY alone, with multiples thereafter. Just having someone pragmatically help me chart a clear path to accomplish crucial work (and hold me accountable) is valuable. And yet the perspectives we're surfacing - many so simple and obvious that I've overlooked them - are equally valuable


Unicorn Fintech/Data Startup

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