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Ask your org

Asking these 6 questions of your organization is one of the fastest and easiest ways to significantly improve...

(1) Buy-In On Organizational Strategy

It's far more likely

that people align with a direction

they've had the opportunity

to influence.

(2) Creating goodwill and loyalty

An employee once told me that

in posing these questions

I was the first leader who

legitimately asked what they thought

about some of the most important questions

that were usually kept within the C-Suite,

and because of that simple move

they would "follow me into almost any battle."

(3) Success

By refining your strategy with

the input of all who are going to execute it

and improving the buy-in and commitment

of all who are going to execute it

your chances of winning increase significantly

versus your approach of baking your strategy

without them.


• Create a survey

• Identify for themes from the open text feedback

• Ensure that you let the org know what you found

and how the strategy is aligned with

or will be refined by the feedback

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