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Can you 10X Revenue From Existing Clients? FORMULA + SCORECARD

"How do you 10X revenue from a single client in less than 2 years?" ($1M to $11M) I asked this...

...of a client while discussing recent progress & wins.

The hashtag#Formula* they outlined isn't rocket science.




(1) Increasing hashtag#Revenue from an existing client

 [dependent upon]

(2) Solving increasingly more critical client hashtag#problems 

 [dependent upon]

(3) Increased hashtag#visibility into client goals & challenges

 [dependent upon]

(4) Expanding the breadth, depth & quality

 of your hashtag#relationships across the client org

 [dependent upon]

(5) Focusing foremost on the hashtag#client happiness 

 (vs revenue, margin, other internal agendas)

 [dependent upon]

(6) Ensuring multiple teams are hashtag#executing well 

 [dependent upon]

(7) Ensuring multiple teams have a cohesive hashtag#strategy 


🟨🟨🟨 THE CAVEAT 🟨🟨🟨

I often hear:

"Just hire exceptional talent with great experience"

Yes, you need exceptional talent.

Yet, it's necessary but not sufficient.

🟡 STRATEGY: A clear, credible plan

🟡 EXECUTION: Accountable follow-through

The Strategy + Execution span everything from...

 → Metrics

 → Resourcing

 → Org Structure

 → Incentive plans

 → Product strategy

 → Executive mandate

.... to so many other areas



For each of the 7 items in the formula above:

ask yourself whether the noted activities are

happening effectively, consistently, and scalably?

Score as follows:

0: Not happening at all

1: Happening, but neither effectively or consistently

2: Happening effectively, but not consistently

 (or vice versa)

3: Effectively & consistently, but not scalably 

4: Effectively, consistently AND scalably

Take your score and divide by 28.

What % are you at?


🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

If you're a hashtag#CEO or hashtag#CRO of a business

with enterprise GTM opportunities but

without enterprise GTM motions & results...


and we can discuss how to implement

Enterprise Account Management

to break through growth plateaus.


*This is Enterprise Account Management 101

 yet it's quite common that I see these basics

 not in place, despite seasoned teams & leaders.

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