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Clients do not come first, employees come first.

Investors seek stellar growth. Accelerated growth comes from highly-invested clients. Highly-invested clients come from....

...highly-invested employees.

Highly-invested employees are created

when they are highly invested-in

***by their employers***


A leader within a high-growth tech biz

that recently had their IPO

sought approval to gain investment in

coaching for himself & peers leaders

to ensure they can best handle delivering

200% growth expected in the team this year

and the new pressures of public market scrutiny.

The response they received was that there is

"a lack of willingness to invest right now"

in these employees in this way.

Guess who is likely to have

a lack of willingness to invest

in this business right now?


Over-invest in your employees,

and they will over-invest in their work

which will turn into over-achievement of their goals

which will turn into over-delivering on client expectations

which will turn into over-performing in the market.

Listen to this #RichardBranson advice

about investing in your employees

and you will not regret it.

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