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Say/Do Ratio - The Most important Metric (For you & Your org)

Say/Do Ratio (SDR). Nothing else comes before this metric, because...

...every other metric that matters

comes after you doing what you say you'll do.

(ie., executing on plans/strategy)

❓ Revenue❓ ▶️ Executing on a Product & GTM strategy

❓ EBITDA❓ ▶️ Execution on an Operational strategy

❓ CAC❓ CLTV❓ Retention❓ ▶️ Execution on various strategies


We can usually tell whether a business will

attain their $10's-$100's Million goals

simply by tracking how often their execs do

that which they say they're going to do.

(The org at-large follows exec norms)


(1) HOW does your org record & track your SDR?

(2) HOW often do you review your SDR and implications?

(3) WHAT consequences/revisions do you enact when SDR is low?


If you want to discuss how you might

design and implement a system

to track & improve your org's Say/Do Ratio

and capture $10's Million greater oppties,

reach out and we can schedule a call.

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