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The efective executive

It's not your title that makes you an executive. It's your impact. Are you in the position to materially affect your organization? Before you were hired...

...would the hiring manager

have gained approval on the headcount to hire you

if your role was expected to have

a non-material impact on the organization?


Thus, it's not the role that enables one to be responsible for a material impact.

It's the person in it.


If you have the knowledge,

the work ethic,

the savvy, the boldness,

the dedication,

etcetera, etcetera...

you can (and will)

be responsible for a material impact

upon the performance and results

of the organization.

Thus, YOU choose --

by how you operate

and the resulting impact --

whether you're an executive

in function and contribution.

And if you do that consistently enough,

you have a far higher likelihood than most

to end up being an executive in title as well.

How do you get a seat in the room where it happens?

By creating executive-level impact

everywhere you go

*before* you're in the room where it happens.

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