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"The only reason we're in this spot is my own incompetence." This is a quote from... of my clients.

We were at breakfast discussing

one of many highly challenging circumstances

he partners with me to help him chart a path through.

What you should know about him:

→ Cofounder & COO of a tech enterprise

→ Truly innovative (really, no one does what they do)

→ Brought the biz to a VERY successful exit

He's far from incompetent,

yet he wasn't being superficially humble.

He meant it: 

he made some bad moves,

completely avoidable fumbles, 

self-inflicted wounds impacting many.



This guy has more experience and proven success

than many of the CEOs and execs I come across.


he's willing to admit how little he knows.

(and not just to me).

THIS is why I'll invest 

in the business he's building next.


and know you don't have it all figured out,

need someone you can openly admit that to,

so you can get to work on strategizing a path forward...


and we can discuss what it looks like

to work with an independent Operating Partner

like myself or one of my (X)Form adjunct OPs.


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