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Why Don't You Have a Sparring Partner?

You need a sparring partner.

What I mean is this...

Yesterday, I watched a complete rockstar

make a 180 in strategy they had been

close to mobilizing the org around.

→ They're a seasoned exec

→ Top 1% of anyone you'll ever meet

→ They ARE often the smartest person in the room

They put a nearly 'impossible' goal on the table.

I asked:

→ If they had only one bullet to fire,

→ what they would do to nail the goal:

→ One critical move to focus the entire org

They gave me an answer.

🤜 Then I attacked it 🤛

It's what sparring partners do.

→ They attack to expose weaknesses

→ They require you to pivot from your plan

→ They strengthen your hashtag#Strategy before hashtag#Execution 


You need a sparring partner who...

... isn't a board member, colleague, or friend

... has been in the ring with champions

... doesn't pull punches

... has a method


🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

If you're a hashtag#CEOhashtag#COO, or hashtag#CRO

whose team has been executing

but hasn't been seeing the results...


...and we can discuss how

an iOP (Independent Operating Partner) 

can reliably & methodically help you improve...

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