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3 Steps to Sustaining Energy & Excitement

TPS Reports. CRM activity entry. Code reviews. Every role (CEO included) requires seemingly low-impact efforts. Staying energized...

...amidst all of this is one of many ways

to create an edge in performance.

Take two companies...

• One where employees

avoid, lament, or slog through

these kinds of unavoidable activities.

• Another where employees

charge head-first into these activities,

knocking them out quickly & effectively

while seeing them not only as

a necessary steps in a bigger mission,

but also as opportunities to continue improving.

Which of the two has the edge?

Can you afford to forfeit an edge amidst the



high-competition game

you're likely playing?

There's no silver bullet here,

yet these are three powerful ways

you can keep honing the edge.

If this challenge is something you need or want to solve,

I invite you to message me to talk about how I can help you turn intention into reality.


0:00 - The topic

1:15 - Step One

2:30 - A caveat & illustrating story

5:00 - Step Two

7:45 - Step Three

8:55 - An illustrating example of Step Three

11:50 - A question & challenge to move you to action

12:10 - Why you should act on the question & challenge

13:40 - If this was useful/insightful...

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