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Level Up Your #execution With a Bowling Chart

Updated: May 9

Level up your #execution with a Bowling Chart. Given the increase in focus on profitable, efficient, effective execution...dialing things w/ a Bowler is crucial.

The Bowler is especially useful when you...


Include leading indicator (input) metrics along side your lagging outcome (results) metrics.

If you're monitoring all of those activities that lead to the desired #outcomes#investors want to hear about quarterly, you'll be in a better spot when at quarter-end.



Combine it with the #Countermeasure discipline I mentioned in a previous video.

Make it mandatory that any metric with a miss requires a peer-reviewed & approved countermeasure.



Create a bowler for each department of your business.

All metrics for a department roll up into a departmental green/red.

All department scores roll up into an org-wide green/red.


The Bowling Chart is game-changing, but is only a way to represent organizational data.

There's a group of motions surrounding it that really create the value.

If you're a #CEO, #COO, or #CRO

and want help implementing a Bowler

and the associated disciplines around it


and we can discuss what partnering would look like.

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