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On the same day every other week ask: What Exactly Have you created in the last two weeks?

Need better #outcomes? #Accountability? Continuous improvement? One of the most simple ways...

...comes from the spirit of

and can be leveraged by...

🔹 #CEOs with exec teams

🔹 #CROs with all sales/revenue initiatives

🔹 #COOs with all operational/profit/scale initiatives

🔹 Or any exec within their area of ownership

----WHAT TO DO----

1. Get all your direct reports together,

on the same day every other week.

2. Have them share what they created;

what they've tangibly delivered & the value it has.

3. Have them share what they learned

in the process of deploying that creation.


Continually deploying something of high value

into your org *will* lead to outcomes.

When you deliver high value repeatedly,

you earn the right to receive high-value outcomes in return.


No one wants to be the person

showing up every two weeks to their group of peers

with nothing of value created


When a team shares what they've learned

about the process of creating what they delivered

all can understand what works to replicate vs iterate.

Thank you to Agile King

for articulating this approach and perspective

better than I've been for the past several years.


If you're a #CEO#CRO or #COO

and need to accelerate

1. outcomes,

2. accountability and

3. continuous improvement

(a) individually or

(b) across your organization...


and we can discuss how I can help you implement.

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