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Organizational Silos

Execs: How in what ways are you deliberately breaking down the organizational silos? Remember that silos aren't just "vertical" as in >>> | Marketing | Sales | Product | Engineering | HR | Finance | Silos are also "horizontal" as in >>> ______ C-Suite ______ Senior Leadership ______ Mid-Level Leadership ______ Front-Line Leadership ______ Individual Contributors - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - QUESTIONS TO ANSWER: 1. What customer problems can be best solved with a cross-functional team? 2. What growth objectives can be accelerated with knowledge and competency of a cross-functional team? 3. What cross-functional teams can be created to address both? 4. What friction points most often surface when you bring a cross-functional team together? 5. What information is valuable to flow back & forth and how will you make that happen? 6. What meetings/sessions/practices can you make standard to enable all of this? 7. What incentives (and penalties) will you create for cross-functional collaboration (or lack thereof)? --------------------- Most CEOs I partner with believe creating a more unified, cross-functionally integrated organization may be one of the key levers they can pull to create that crucial strategic edge, to create a career-defining win, to create a market-shifting outcome, to [insert big audacious goal here] Most CEOs I partner with have difficulty making this happen on their own. Hence: our partnership. If you're an executive and would like to explore it would look like to partner with a Business Performance Strategist to break down organizational silos (((( send me a message )))) #EffectiveExecutives #HighPerformance #CEOs #Startups

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