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three ways Performance Coaching creates Exceptional Outcomes

Exceptional outcomes. Improbable results. How does the magic happen? This magician explains the trick. (Kind of). It may be incredibly reductionist...

...but herein lies

an attempt to explain

what is best understood

through experience.

There's clearly far more to it than this.

But for the uninitiated,

it's a place to start.

To be clear:

this isn't the *only* way it goes.

Performance coaches

partner with their clients

and their clients' businesses

in the manner in which

those individuals & organizations

will gain the most value.

So here it is:

a peak behind the curtain.


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0:00 - The Topic

1:00 - Part One - Illustrated

6:10 - Part One - Defined

7:05 - Part Two - Illustrated

10:00 - Part Two - Defined

11:15 - How we use complaints

13:00 - Part Three - Illustrated

15:15 - Part Three - Defined

16:00 - Question for viewers

19:15 - Invitation to action(s)


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