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The #layoffs within tech and otherwise get a lot of airtime (for good reason). What doesn’t is the other half… …of the #profitability equation. You can: 1. Reduce cost & force turnover and/or 2. Increase productivity & efficiency —————- I’d love to hear about breakthroughs in implementing #process & #systems that accelerate #execution and #outcomes. —————- My feeling is that while this should primarily be the role of the #COO (to ensure the operations throughout the org are hitting metrics that indicate #ContinuousImpovement)… …it’s the responsibility of EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE to ideate, test, and implement ways they and their teams can optimize efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re a front-line sales rep finding ways to accelerate your prospecting efforts or the #CEO establishing process to create measurably more productive meetings (or fewer meetings). or [fill in the blank] —————- If each of us hasn’t created some efficiency this week, we’ve missed a significant opportunity. If you’re a #CEO or #COO and want to create time/space whereby you focus only on operational & executional improvements to improve productivity (and thus, profitability) give me a shout. Otherwise - I’ll wait to hear about those breakthroughs in productivity and efficiency that you’re all avidly working on.

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