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(X)form provides Performance Optimization, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development in a deliberate, transformation-oriented framework to create measurable outcomes for individuals and businesses.

We've brought together a variety of the best coaching and consulting frameworks, oriented to solve some of the most common challenges high-performing individuals and businesses need to master to dominate whatever field they're playing in.


The Evolve orientation is dedicated to elevating an individual leader's game to the next level, whether business executive or other performance-obsessed rockstar.

  • Data-driven quantification of leadership effectiveness

  • Discovery of unseen developmental areas and self-limiting patterns

  • Refinement of personal purpose, mission, vision

  • Roadmap to improving key leadership competencies

  • Deep-dive into conflict management and empowerment dynamics

  • Personal transformation sustainability toolkit



Prevail is designed to help clients navigate even the most difficult challenges and transitions successfully, arming them with strategies to charge into battle with security and confidence.

  • Develop energizing meaning within the conflict

  • Hone key strengths to leverage amidst change

  • Identify and remove derailing resistance areas

  • Strengthen core value and operating anchors 

  • Adopt strategies to persist amidst discouraging setbacks 

  • Leverage frameworks for steering toward success



The Align solution is designed for teams - executive teams or any other group whose partnership is crucial for success but is not yet operating optimally.

  • Data-driven assessments clarify functional strengths & challenges

  • Improve team cohesion with removal of dysfunctional operating patterns

  • Introduce new approaches to conflict management

  • Strengthen unity through alignment of core mandates

  • Improve communication patterns and information flow



The Renew framework is intended for large teams or businesses whose organizational health and morale needs to be revitalized.

  • Establish a benchmark of your organizational health

  • Create clarity and alignment on key organizational directives from the top down

  • Identify, hire and develop talent aligned with behaviors proven to be ideal for organizational success

  • Improve communication and meeting effectiveness/efficiency



The Reform module is centered upon the need to create significant and sustainable change, particularly when such transitions may be difficult or high-risk. Such change may be individual or organizational.

  • Create a compelling vision to supercharge change efforts

  • Operate and communicate with the power of clear direction 

  • Adopt world-class change management disciplines

  • Remove progress-limiters and derailers

  • Establish frameworks to execute plans with excellence and accountability



The Edge solution improves your likelihood of success by honing personal or organizational strategy. Further, gain razor sharp discipline to deliver with persistence and power. 

  • Assess the strategic strength of your existing operating model

  • Introduce self-discipline, precise judgment, and relentless resolve in action

  • Operate with the conviction, clarity, and ease of a well-established playbook for success

  • Build strategies to allow flexibility for unexpected dynamics

  • Establish monitoring and accountability frameworks to increase your chances of executing plans as expected



The Flow orientation is for individuals and teams who simply desire a partner to help them achieve the highest-possible performance. Perhaps there is no clear and present danger, no daunting objective, but purely an accountable dedication to continuous improvement.

  • Benefit from a flexible, in-the-moment approach combining the strength of intuition and analytical heuristics

  • Maintain nimbleness with ongoing identification of the most urgent-and-priority objectives

  • The breadth of success frameworks from across the (X)form toolkit are introduced as needed

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