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90 Second Sprint - Missing Strategy

A bunch of very smart ideas in a great sounding narrative is not a #strategy. Reframe the adage "Hope is not a strategy" as "#Vision is not a strategy." #CEOs...

...are visionaries but often often overlook two things outlined in this video, no matter how seasoned they are.

There are a breadth of tried-and-true frameworks

that are best suited to help organizations

formulate all the smart ideas that you MIGHT do

into the critical few you MUST do

to solve for the most fundamental challenge

you need to overcome or protect against to win.

Don't reinvent the wheel.

Don't start without identifying that fundamental challenge.


"Many companies are successful without all this strategy stuff!

"Just build a great product and hire top talent!"


A great product creates immense value for the users,

but it doesn't manage your business profitably, does it?

A great product doesn't develop a GTM strategy to account

for the current market and competitive dynamics.

Top talent wants to know how they're going to play to win.

Top talent wants to know their fearless leaders have the discipline

to translate visionary genius into credible execution.


1️⃣ Identify the most fundamental challenge you must overcome. The big domino...the one that if you solve, makes all other challenges far easier to resolve.

2️⃣ Select a strategy formulation framework that is best suited for that particular challenge.

3️⃣ ▶️ REACH OUT ◀️ if you'd like some help with this process (again, which even the most seasoned executives routinely struggle with). I have a framework to walk execs through this.

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