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How Does The Right Thing Happen... When The CEO Is Wrong About it?

How does the hashtag#right thing happen, when the hashtag#CEO is hashtag#wrong about it? 

A few examples:

🔺 Larry Page was highly hesitant about Chrome

🔺 Steve Jobs initially opposed the iPhone App Store

🔺 Hastings didn't want Netflix children's programming

All of these were insanely valuable to each business

And this list could be hundreds of lines long.


The right thing gets done

despite the hashtag#CEO being wrong

when they've built a culture based upon... 


 It's truly okay to be wrong 


 Debate gets to much better answers


 Evidence settles a debate stuck in loggerheads

Many CEOs instead...

• Struggle to admit they could be wrong

• Shut down debate, operating with a mandate

• Favor masterful-yet-unsubstantiated storytelling

And culture of an org

almost ALWAYS flows downward

from how the hashtag#CEO & hashtag#C-Suite operates day-to-day.


🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

If you're a hashtag#CEOhashtag#CRO, or hashtag#COO who

wants to be challenged on how you show up

so that the organizational hashtag#Culture is also optimized

 ▶️ REACH OUT ◀️

and we can talk about both 

a personal hashtag#ChangeManagement effort for you,

along with a Cultural Transformation program for the org

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