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Everyone Is Working At Capacity. Yet Results Still Aren't Coming?

Everyone is working hard. Long hours. 'At capacity.'

Yet results aren't coming...

Is this a hashtag#Strategy issue?

 → The wrong goals?

 → The wrong plan to achieve them?

 → The wrong challenges being accounted for?

(High activity, wrong direction)


Is this an hashtag#Execution issue?

 → Lack of effective actions?

 → Lack of consistent action?

 → Lack of accountability in either?

(Right direction, poor activity).


Is it both hashtag#Strategy AND hashtag#Execution



 → How would you know?

 → Would you admit it if you did?

 → What hard calls would you make to solve it?




But here's the deal...

 • "Everyone is working hard." 

 • "Long hours - at capacity."

 • "Results aren't coming."

...means, something's not working

No need to overcomplicate things.

• It's either the plan you have (hashtag#Strategy


• It's accountable follow-through (hashtag#Execution


🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

If you're a hashtag#CEOhashtag#COO, or hashtag#CRO

and aren't seeing results despite

everyone working at capacity


...and we can diagnose what needs to change

in your Strategy and/or your Execution.

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