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You Need Revenue? You Need Profit? The Employee is The Atomic Unit Driving Both. Your People Deserve More

You say things like "our hashtag#People are our greatest asset" And then... make all of these moves:

→ Pay them at 'at market' (or below)

→ Keep the bad ones around too long

→ Rationalize away the concerns they raise

→ Blame them instead of scrutinizing yourself

→ Invest as little as possible in their development

→ Spin the hard truths versus discussing them openly

→ Avoid making tough decisions they need you to make

→ Spend very little time getting to know them personally

Guess what. 

You're not fooling anyone.

Your 'greatest asset' sees all your BS.

I get it.

It's not so simple.

Budgets are really tight.

You don't have enough time as it is.

This is always going to be the case.

The atomic unit that drives everything in your business,

all that culminates in hashtag#Revenue and hashtag#Profit,

is the individual employee.

Invest in them well and

the rest will follow.

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