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90 Second Sprint - Newlywed Game

What do the Newlywed Game and The Super Bowl have to do with driving an incremental $100M in rev or $1B valuation? Take 90 sec to w/ video to find out. --------------- You don't create $10s or $100s million in value just by asking this question. You create that value by solving for what this question uncovers. --------------- What surfaces most often is a concerning lack of clarity & alignment around that which you should be mobilizing your entire organization: #Strategy. From #Marketing to #Sales to #Product, #Recruiting and etc... It should all wrap around this. --------------- Asking the question is easy the easy part. The hard part? Two-fold: 1️⃣ Admitting you have a problem when your Newlywed Game doesn't look so good. 2️⃣ Solving for that lack of alignment in an effective way (which takes a disciplined investment of time and effort). -----ACTION----- 🔹 Ask this question in your next #executive #leadership team meeting. 🔹 If you're less than 80% aligned, resolve to block time this quarter to refine and align around your strategy. 🔹 ▶️ REACH OUT ◀️ and I can help you with the hard work of creating that clarity and alignment. #Startups #BackToBasics #Solving10MillionDollarProblems #CreatingBillionDollarValue

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