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Back to Basics - Biz Isn't Growing? It's 2 of 3 Things

Updated: May 9

Let's not overcomplicate things. No single #GTM will likely solve for ❌'s next to the other two (see the video).

Similarly, it's hard to accept that the recession or similar dynamics are the root of growth challenges.

There are $10's of millions sitting in the answers surfaced by this triangle, most often overlooked amidst #VUCA or explained away amidst insecurity in admitting that some bad bets were made (to be clear, that's all a #CEO is ever doing - making the best bets they can make at any given time - so let's please not be too hard on them).


1️⃣ Survey your Exec Leadership Team on where they feel these three dynamics are ✅ or ❌.

2️⃣ Discuss which of the ❌'s you MUST solve, if you could only solve for one.

*Note: You can solve for more than one, but the binary thought exercise is clarifying.

3️⃣ Ask the "5 Why's" to get to the root issue(s) in that part of the triangle.

4️⃣ Rally the entire exec team (and org) around solving for that - work streams, metrics, board accountability, HCE and budgetary investments, comp incentives, etc.

5️⃣ If you're a #CEO, #COO, or #COO who needs an objective, neutral third party to help you diagnose these three areas with a framework, instead of an opinion-based approach ⏩ REACH OUT ⏪ and we can discuss what this would look like for you.

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