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A recent post mentioned #Danaher's 1500% performance vs the S&P. They've highly invested in a #Strategy#Execution system. Yet... of their fundamental themes is:



Why don't we apply common sense more often

(much less, vigorously)?

Because doing so often serves us a reality we don't love.

It limits our ambitions.

Requires us to go back to the drawing board.

Requires more time and effort.

Slows us down.

----- 3 QUESTIONS -----


If you're a #CEO, #COO, or #CRO,

where is it that common sense

is not being vigorously applied in your org?


Do you have someone whose sole role

is to call you out on all of those areas?

The places you rationalize...

Someone immune to your "reality distortion field".


Do you have someone who plays this role on your behalf

for your #Csuite or direct reports?

--- NOTE ---

Don't tell me it's your #BoardOfDirectors

(A) You can carefully craft your reality such that they mostly see only what you wish them to see.

(B) Unfortunately, boards are often not as bold as they could be these days.

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