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Cost Cutting VS Operational Scalability

Cost Mgmt. Profit improvement.  It's not just about layoffs, T&E limits, and hiring freezes. Yes... can cut costs.

🔴 But you can only cut cost so far. 🔴

Alternately (or in addition)... can improve scalability. 

(in other words) 

Invest in ways to do more with the same resources:

1. Automation 

 (of low-complexity tasks)


2. Process Engineering 

 (on high-complexity procedures)


3. Training & Skill Development

 (optimizing where there's more art than science)


4. Systematic Monitoring & Alerting 

 (minimizes time spent fire-fighting instead vs growth)


🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

Take a look at each functional area of your business.

• Finance • Operations • HR/People

• Marketing • Sales • Services

• Product • Engineering

Have the senior leader over each

propose 1 effort in each of the 4 areas above

to improve your ability to scale without adding cost.


If you're a hashtag#CEO or hashtag#COO

and need pragmatic, methodical ways

to identify approaches to scale growth w/o scaling cost


and we can discuss how 

to take this exercise much further.

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