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Do You Want to Do it the Hard Way or The Harder Way?

We can do this the hard way. 

Or you can have it the harder way.

Organizations will plateau.

Decades of research show 

the most common times & causes.

There are ways to break through each.

Those paths through aren't easy.

You have to do the hard work. 

Or you don't, 

and then it becomes a norm while

you have a new rationalization every 6 months.

 🔴 And then eventually the harder way comes 🔴

→ PE forces you to do what you could have done

(or rather)

→ PE has someone else to do what you could have

(because you're no longer there)


🟡 I'm not trying to create fear or defensiveness 🟡

I'm offering a hard truth. Tough love. Common sense.

Why not choose to do the hard work

before it gets far harder?


🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

If you're a hashtag#CEO with a biz in an extended plateau 

and want to do it the hard way versus the harder way


and we can talk about 

credible, methodical frameworks

to diagnose, strategize & mobilize to better outcomes.

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