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Get Your Most Important Clients On Speed Dial

The #CEO, #COO, #CFO at your top clients - how many text you when they need anything related to the problem you help them solve?

Jonah Goodhart, as CEO of Moat,

urged his team to establish

'texting-level relationships'

with executive sponsors.

thinks of this as getting your clients

'to have you on speed dial'.


#HighPerforming#Execs & orgs create simple, foundational goals.

❔ What's best way to navigate challenging market dynamics ❔

✅ Establish enough rapport and value that when clients hit tough times, they call or text you. ✅

❔ What's the best way to know that your retention & expansion rates will stay as healthy as possible ❔

✅ Create a texting-level relationship with those responsible for that decision to expand or renew. ✅

❔ What's a sound way to capture an incremental $10M ❔

✅ Get on speed dial with decision-makers who have $10M of budget and $100M - $1B problems to solve ✅

Why make things more complicated than need be?


(1) List the 20% of your clients who make up (or *could* make up) the highest % of your revenue.

(2) Define what qualifies a client contact as the executive sponsor.

(3) Don't know that exec sponsor yet? Get at them today. Really: by end of day.

(4) Not on speed dial or texting relationship? Spend more time with them. ASAP.

(5) Track the monthly increase in the % of those top clients/prospects whose exec sponsors you have...

(a) ...connected with (they KNOW you)

(b) ...established a dialog with (they LIKE you)

(c) ...created a text/speed-dial dialog with (they TRUST you)

Ready. Set. GO.

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