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Go and See at the Actual Place

'I was in 50 sales meetings in 30 days.'

This was the answer I got from a new #CRO

The question I asked was:

→ You've been here 45 days, 

→ how did you learn so much so quickly?


I was astounded by how much clarity they had about...

→ Sales motion challenges & opportunities

→ Marketing & positioning opportunities

→ Customer pain points & expectations

→ Sales rep strengths & growth needs

→ Pricing & commercial opportunities

→ Sales org design optimizations

→ Revenue Operations needs

→ Competitive landscape

→ And on and on... 45 days.




Japanese for 'the actual place'

As in, the 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘦 that value is created.

It's paired with the concept of:


meaning 'go and see'

As in:

get out of your ivory tower

and go see what's actually happening

at the exact place where the magic happens. 


If there's a problem

(or opportunity to optimize)

1️⃣ Observe directly, first-hand, empirically

 (vs second-hand hearsay narrative)

2️⃣ Always ask 'why' to contextualize the observations

 (vs assumptions, use front-line employee knowledge)

3️⃣ Respect and engage the front-line players

 (vs finding fault in people, identify systemic oppties)

4️⃣ Report out on the findings

 (vs keeping the breadth of stakeholders in the dark)

5️⃣ Commit to action & follow-through

 (vs allowing valuable observation to go unexploited)


Every #CEO#CRO, or #CSuite #Exec 

should religiously dedicate X amount of time

to 'go and see' what's happening in 'the actual place'.

🔺 If you're making critical decisions

🔺 without doing this, you've got blindspots


If this sounds valuable, yet you struggle to see

how you & your team would make it happen

amidst an overwhelming operational day-to-day reality.


and we can talk about to implement new disciplines

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