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Q1 vs Q2

Didn't hit Q1 numbers? A bit soft or a big gap?

How do you plan to hit Q2 and beyond?

If you didn't hit Q1, was it...

 • Execution? 

 (Often the case w/ a smaller gap)

 • Strategy?

 (Often the case w/ a substantive gap)


 • Both? 

 (Usually the answer w/ the biggest gaps)

Can everyone align on the root cause of the miss, 

or is there going to be debate & disagreement?

If you feel it was something entirely unforeseen,

I'd ask how you protect against the unforeseeable?


What exactly will you do to hit Q2 

AND make up for the Q1 miss?

🔺 Depending on your sales cycle 🔺

 you only have so many options.

 • What are all of those options?

 • What are you missing?

 • What's unclear?


🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

If you're a hashtag#CEO or hashtag#CRO and have said:

'We can't have another quarter like this last one'

but aren't clear on how you don't repeat yourself...

🟢 You don't have to solve this yourself 🟢


...and we can talk hashtag#Strategy + hashtag#Execution

Instead, improve your Strategy & Execution.

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