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Hitting Plateaus?Maybe you need a Private Equity Playbook (without the private equity)

"We're in Private Equity mode" 

I've heard this statement too many times.

Those saying it usually mean the biz is...

→ Cutting cost to the bone

→ Reducing headcount, employees are disposable

→ Financial Engineering over Innovation

This is reductionist and inaccurate.


Ultimately, improving hashtag#Valuation comes from...

... applying operational excellence frameworks ...

... that could have been implemented earlier ...

... but weren't because of [insert reasons] ...

And PE firms ensure their investments finally do...

→ what could have been done...

→ would should have been done...

→ what must be NOW be done... make the business break through plateaus.


You don't need to wait. 

⏩ Value Creation ⏪ 


→ a deliberate, methodical approach 

→ to reliably increase operational excellence

→ optimizing results near + long-term

→ to improve enterprise valuation

And much of this is hashtag#Growth oriented, 

not 'Slash & Turn' tactics most think of.


Large public enterprises

and VC-backed startups alike

can learn +  improve so much

If you're the hashtag#CEO or hashtag#COO 

of a business hitting revenue or profit plateaus

and want to explore how a Value Creation framework

can help you break through...


and we can discuss.

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