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I Want You To Pressure Test And Refine Your #Strategy By Doing The Following

Updated: May 9

THIS WEEK, if you're a #CEO, #COO, or #CRO - I want you to pressure test and refine your #strategy by doing the following...

1️⃣ Find at least 3 people at the very front-line of #execution.


.....those closest to customers...

• A sales rep

• Customer service/success rep

• Counter-worker

.....and production of the product you sell them...

• A machine operator,

• Coding engineer

• Hamburger cook

2️⃣ Ask them 3 very specific questions to surface any & all challenges that may be related to *their* part in executing your 2023 strategy.

• Do NOT dismiss the strategy, judge the person, etc

• Their perception of the any challenges is

a reality your strategy must account for

3️⃣ Write a communication to all involved in the development of your strategy about revisions needed to account for these front-line executional realities.

4️⃣ Block time NOW in your calendar to do this with a *different* set of front-line executors of strategy every X weeks (ideally at least once per month).

Don't have the time?

Make it.

Or make plans to have your strategy fall apart in execution.

The whole "#Execution is where good #Strategy goes to die?" thing?

If the strategy doesn't account for those executing, the strategy is to blame.

4 Steps.

Ready. Set. GO!


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