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The Cost of Executive Transplant Rejection and Failure

Executive Transplant Rejection & Failure

We've all seen it. A perfectly great exec fails...

...after joining a new organization.

Like when a perfectly great organ transplant

is rejected by the body it's transplanted into.

🔺 It's. Entirely. Avoidable.🔺 



→ 50%-60% of new execs fail within 18 months

→ The cost is up to 10x the executive's salary

→ Tailored exec assimilation can reduce failure by 50%



Challenges meant to be solved by new exec 

are delayed by 18+ months. 

→ hashtag#TIME LOSS you can't afford ←

Org & team are demoralized by this thrash

and delay of change they had hoped for

→ hashtag#CULTURAL HIT you can't afford ←

Org & team begins to question the judgment

of the team who brought in the new exec

→ hashtag#TRUST + hashtag#BELIEF PENALTY you can't afford ←


How about 90-day program

built upon a decades-proven framework

to more successfully integrate new executives?

This is one of the tools 

in my Value Creation toolbox.

If you're a hashtag#CEO who is hiring a new C-suite player

▶️ REACH OUT ◀️ 

and we can discuss what this program looks like.

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