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The Difference Between Profit and Loss is Execution

#Profitability hinges on #Execution. What about #Strategy? Sure -it's crucial. But Strategy relies upon Execution. Two considerations...


A strategy for profitability

***that doesn't account for execution***

will likely be unprofitable.


A strategy for profitability

***that isn't well-executed***

is likely to be unprofitable.

You can blame poor strategy

for a lack of profitable growth,

but behind it all is execution.


🔹 Is your organization executing well?

🔹 How do you know?

🔹 If you don't know, how might you know?

🔹 If you know you're not executing well, how will you change that?


If you have a strategy for #Profitability or #ProfitableGrowth

that you need to ensure is executed with excellence,

but have no structure to do so,


and we can explore what

Strategy + Execution #Coachsulting

would look like for you and your org.

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