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The Five Horizons of Impact

Updated: May 9

Recurring revenue comes from creating recurring value. There are 5 recurring points around which most businesses mobilize. How many do your...

...products and services and VALUE show up in?

How might you expand that?

The closer you get to all 5 of these, the more you become 'core infrastructure' for that organization.

Get into all 5 and they'll struggle to exist without you...through recessions and layoffs, alien invasions and zombie apocalypses.

🔹 Do quarterly earnings calls refer to outcomes you've helped create?

🔹 Are the daily scrums or sales reports dependent upon something you provide?

🔹 Do you influence annual budgeting and strategy in ways that create org-wide implications?

If the problem you solve is big enough to impact each of these parts of your clients' businesses, then it's your job to figure out how your products and service hit as many of these recurring impact horizons as possible.


✅ Discuss the 5 horizons of impact with your executive leadership team - think about where you can create impact, where you are but clients don't realize, where you don't (yet) but could, etc.

➡️ If you've not yet gone through this exercise,

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