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Your weekly team call stinks? What's that have to do with #layoffs and your #clients? Take 90 secs to connect those dots. There are 3 ways... make the shift I suggest in this video:

1️⃣ Tension*

2️⃣ Agenda

3️⃣ Norms

It's not too complicated,

though it IS too much to outline here.



If you're a #CEO, #COO, or #COO

and have lackluster weekly meetings ...

...where your team members

leave just as they came,

with no more...

⚡️ clarity,

⚡️ ownership, or

⚡️ fervor... supercharge their execution


and I can walk you through the framework.


*TENSION: yes, tension is often a good thing.

Get at me and I'll elaborate.


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