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Your calendar should not look like

Look at your calendar today. Then ask these questions...

1. Which of these meetings do you own that are not longer necessary?


2. Which of these meetings does someone else own but you can stop attending?


3. Which of these meetings can you send someone else to?


4. Which of these meetings might not need to be so long?


5. Which of these meetings can be combined with any other meeting?


6. Which of these meetings can be scheduled back-to-back so two small openings can be turned into a larger workspace?



Take action. Don't just look at this an intend to cancel, delegate, reschedule, etc. Do it now.


Have everyone in your organization do the same thing.

Because: if even 50% of your org can get 25% better use of their time - it's a win (and that's a low bar to set).


If you know you should be doing this,

but you're not

you need someone to help you cross

the Knowing-Doing Gap.

Message me to explore

how we can partner to do that


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