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12 points to consider when promoting your brand

Fast Company had initially asked me about the biggest challenges in digital marketing strategy. My response was about a topic* ... ...that is not new, and my advice was not rocket-science. Yet organizations & individuals alike can often operate similarly: counter to common sense. • We kick the can on challenges that have been a long-time coming and then act surprised when they arrive, as if they happened overnight • We deny challenges are actually here, applying the reality-distortion-field to cover a lack of bias to action or foresight making it appear 'Always Sunny' on our watch • Or there's panic and reactionary thinking, with whiplash-inducing organizational thrash instead of deliberate planning and execution, perhaps even layoffs (thinly-veiled as 're-orgs') • The wheel is reinvented or rebuilt unnecessarily when pride or lack of curiosity limits willingness to leverage or awareness of entirely sufficient existing solutions ------------ There's a reason business performance strategists like myself exist: to call out avoidance, denial, rationalization, blindspots, inefficiency, and etcetera, so that self-inflicted wounds or the forfeit of opportunities can be minimized, and organizational health & results maximized. If that kind of partnership sounds useful to you, give me a shout. ------------ *NOTE: My brief contribution to this article was not truly about segmentation and personalization, but more on the above-noted theme: seismic shifts in the landscape of a category, and the obvious & pragmatic ways to respond often foregone.

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