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Back to Basics - Biz isn't Growing? It's 2 of 3 things

Updated: May 28

This bears repeating! No single #GTM will likely solve for ❌'s next to the other two (see the 90 sec video).

🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

(1) Survey your Exec Leadership Team 

 on where they feel these three dynamics

 are ✅ or ❌. 

(2) Discuss which of the ❌'s you MUST solve, 

 if you could only solve for one.

 *NOTE: You can solve for more than one, 

 but the binary thought exercise is clarifying. 

(3) Ask the "5 Why's" to get to the root issue(s)

 in that part of the triangle. 

(4) Rally the entire exec team (and org)

 around solving for that with: 

 → board-level accountability

 → budgetary investments

 → resource allocation

 → comp incentives

 → work streams

 → metrics

 → etc.


Many executive teams may disagree here

(Product & GTM pointing at each other)

or they'll point to the Market if they're 

in the same room & conflict averse...


If you're a #CEO or #COO who needs 

an objective, neutral third party to help

assess these 3 areas with a true diagnostic

instead of a subjective opinion-based approach...


...and we can discuss what this would look like for you.

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