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You, your team, your org is moving more slowly than you'd like. Why? Likely because you don't have a 'Critical Event.' In sales, a Critical Event.... something that creates both urgency and necessity.

It moves an initiative

from a nice-to-have

to a need-to-have.

• A new flagship product launch in 6 months

• A commitment to the Board of Directors next quarter

• The biggest annual industry conference next month

• The pitch to the CEO of your largest prospect in 2 weeks

You have to deliver. No option.

Everyone must rally and hustle.


You can create critical events

***whenever you want***

to rally yourself or your team

to deliver on something sooner

than you would without that event.


Schedule something that includes others

and announce that you will be reviewing/delivering X

so that you put your reputational collateral on the line


Schedule that meeting/call/event for a timeline

that creates urgency and energy and hustle.

If it doesn't make you slightly nervous, it's not soon enough.

Leverage events that already exist.

• All-hands meetings

• MBRs

• Quarterly board meetings

• Weekly 1:1s

So - stop reading this post,

and go create a Critical Event

for yourself and your team

around a Critical Unlock

to make massive progress

toward solving whatever your version

of a $10 Million problem is.

Ready. Set. GO.


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