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Cutting Your Marketing Budget To Save Money Is Like Stopping Your Watch To Save Time

Cutting your B2B hashtag#Marketing budget? 

Expect to be cutting your hashtag#Revenue growth.

Several studies consistently show that B2B buyers are

more than 1/2 through their purchase decision 

before they talk to your sales reps.

Here are a few of those studies

• Google/CEB: 57% through decision before engaging

• B2B Int'l: 60% through before connecting w/ a rep

• McKinsey: 66% through before talking to a sales rep

• CSO Insights: 70% wait until late in the process


If you're a hashtag#CEO or hashtag#CRO hitting growth plateaus

I suggest a diagnostic to understand the root

of the growth issues and how much is 

actually related to hashtag#Marketing 

vs many other factors.


We can discuss what a hashtag#GTM hashtag#Diagnostic

would look like for you and your business. 


If you're a hashtag#CMO struggling to 

secure or defend budgets

or to hit objectives

amidst cuts


We can discuss how an Operating Partnership

may be able to help you achieve goals

amidst challenging constraints.

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