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Forge Versatility delep cross-functional expertise

One thing is for certain: uncertainty. Business & life throw the unexpected at all of us. You will inevitably encounter... endless variety of circumstances, personalities, challenges and opportunities...

Versatility in knowledge, problem solving, communicating, and relating make you more effective, more valuable, and arguably less vulnerable.


If you sit within Product Delivery

whether a tech engineer or manufacturing production floor manager,

learn about sales fundamentals and dynamics (particularly those of your own business and market).

If you're in Sales, Marketing, or Customer Success,

learn as much as you can about the technology and product management approaches behind the Products you support.

If you're in either, learn about

Finance, Biz Ops & Human Capital Management,

(and vice versa).


learn about methods to

deliberately create this kind of

cross-functional competency

within your organization

by sending me a message to discuss.


In a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, the polymath will always outlive the one-trick-pony.


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