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How Many (A) Do You Need Within (B) Time To Achieve (C) Within (D) Time

This week, I worked with two #CRO clients to illustrate how a little goes a long way: as in multi-millions incremental per quarter. We asked... many more of X activity

would a sales rep need to do

on a daily/weekly/quarterly basis

to close the current revenue gap?

With one, we found that with

only 2 more cold outreaches per rep day,

(or a mere 10 per week)

the outcome could be as much as

TWICE what they need to drive for this quarter.

In a single 1-hour session,

we unlocked an easy path

to increasing revenue by over 10%.

Now it's time to operationalize it.


This is where the #COO comes in.

This kind of math

around inputs and outputs of your business

is something that applies org wide.

(not just sales).

Across People, Clients, Processes, Financials

(the 4 aspects of the Balanced Scorecard approach),

you can and thus *should* work to do this.

One of the many roles of a #COO

is to operationalize this kind of math org-wide.

• What metrics should be tracked?

• How can we get the data accurately? Easily?

• What reporting is necessary?

• How might you automate or streamline reporting?

• When do we review the reporting?

• What happens when it's not tracking as we desire?

Etc. etc. etc.


What aspect of your business is most important for you to improve?

Ask "how many [A] do we need by [B] to get to [C] by [D]?"

If this is your most important constraint to improve,

operationalize that equation.

Then rally everyone around that until [D] is achieved.

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