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My chat w/ Martin Kihn on his #PaleoAdTech podcast covers Oracle | Datalogix. There are 8 sides to every story, but to the best of my memory...

...I recount my time at Datalogix and...

✅ Consumer data & privacy...pre-Internet

✅ Solving absolutely pivotal problems for Facebook

✅ Org culture that was truly magic (and values that contributed to it)

✅ Doing the hard work to make things easier for customers (post M&A)

...and so many, many other topics within the 30 min of this episode.

Some of the cast of characters include

(listed in order of reference):

Enjoy the ride (via the link in this post, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify).

* Karina owned the *partnership* with the world's largest retailer. Obviously.

**This value -- "Stay Humble, Keep Improving" -- is the topic of a forthcoming article in Fast Company. Perhaps the most important 4-word mantra any organization can adopt.


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