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Looking for 4 More CEOs to Include in my Q2 Growth Strategy (x)formation Program

A pragmatic, methodical approach to planning growth in hashtag#Revenuehashtag#Profit and ultimately hashtag#Valuation.

It exists.

→ It's not a magic wand. 

→ It's not a silver bullet.

→ It's not a promise.

We know those don't exist.

But what does is deliberate approach to...

→ Analyzing your market & macro dynamics

→ Assessing your operational dynamics

→ Examining all the growth levers

→ Selecting the critical few

→ Clarifying execution

→ Creating metrics

→ Mobilizing



I'm looking for 4 more hashtag#CEOs 

to include in my Q2 hashtag#Growth hashtag#Strategy program

(to be clear, it's a 1:1 program, not group)

If you have some interest...


...and we can discuss.

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