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Making Quarterly Goals Matter

How often are you (or your org) the guy in this illustration? It's an obvious executional fumble, but happens quite often. What you need... a structured, #strategic approach to keep #goals constantly top-of-mind, tying them to #execution across your org. --- 3 QUESTIONS --- (1) Do you actively review where you're tracking to quarterly goals WEEKLY with all stakeholders? (2) Do you tie that review to actions committed to be taken by all stakeholders THAT WEEK? (3) Do you REQUIRE specific plans to get back on track when that weekly review shows lagging? How did you score? ------------------------ Don't allow your org to be the guy in this illustration. If you are, and believe this is contributing to suboptimal results then get help fixing it: NOW. If you're a #CEO, #COO, or #CRO with $10+ million hinging upon #ExecutionalExcellence of your org... ⏩ MESSAGE ME ⏪ ...and we can set up a 15 min exploratory chat about how a partnership can help you out. #Strategy + #Execution #Solving10MillionDollarProblems #CreatingBillionDollarValue

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