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Move over 'Rule of 40'

Move over 'Rule of 40'. I want to hear about a different metric: APE. The great truth-teller across all...

...variety of business.

→ High-growth start-ups

as much as

→ Mature companies

→ SaaS platforms

as much as

→ Tech-enabled services


🔴 A company can

🔴 meet the Rule of 40

🔴 but still have a low APE if

🔴 they have an oversized workforce.

Each employee

is a long-term investment

whose costs recur year-after-year.

Are your operations making it easier

for each to contribute to

overall growth?

While your ARR is growing,

is your APE also growing?


🟩🟩🟩 ACTION 🟩🟩🟩

(1) Calculate your APE.

(2) Then look at some benchmarks.

(3) If you don't like what you see...


...and we an discuss how an

independent Operating Partner (iOP)

can help you improve APE (and other crucial metrics).

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