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Need To Get Buy-in?

Updated: May 9

Need to get buy-in? From clients & prospects? Employees & candidates? Board & Investors? More info is unlikely the best place to start.

There's already an overabundance of information.

What we have a lack of is: BELIEF


An overabundance of info is creating a norm of cynicism.

A general distrust of info is building.

We've heard it all before.

We've already seen your info.

We've seen 'their' info.

We have our own info.



So then...your #strategy?

How will you win against this challenge of info overload,

'buyer cynicism', the threat of sounding the same.

Instead of info,

focus on Belief.

Why do YOU believe? Really?

What's the common sense?

How do you relate that with as little info as possible?

Wisdom... ❇️ VALUE ❇️ the Age of Info Overload

is the ability to take others back to basics,

to the obvious-yet-overlooked, the forest-vs-trees,

that when recognized is undeniable,

and shifts belief.

No other information is necessary.


15 min discussion/writing exercise:

1️⃣ What stakeholder group do you most need buy-in from?

2️⃣ What is it that, if they believe, no other information is necessary?

3️⃣ What common sense, nearly-undeniable, experiential observation makes that new belief hard to reject? backward from that.

Ready. Set. GO.

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