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Stop telling everyone how busy you are

This narrative - that you are the victim of these circumstances - relieves you of responsibility. Everyone has the very same problem...

...a limited number of hours

with unlimited demands upon them.


I write this with a warm tone,

not that of an accusatory drill sergeant:

Telling others how busy you are

doesn't let you off the hook,

it doesn't gain you sympathy,

it doesn't make you look more important,

it doesn't help you or anyone else.

It's an attempt to remove your ownership.

We all get to choose

how to prioritize,

where to set boundaries,

where to push back,

what spinning plates to let fall,

how we improve self-management,

and invest in becoming better

at overcoming those habits

and learning those skills

that will free up our time.

When you own a problem,

you can create a solution.

So stop telling others how busy you are.

Because you're telling yourself a story

that keeps you trapped.

(and it's not a good look)

I know, I know:

this is all easier said than done.

So get some help.


If you're an executive or high-performing professional

who finds yourself feeling overwhelmed

and truly want to own your circumstances

versus telling others how busy you are...

<<< reach out >>>

and we can discuss how

a performance optimization partnership

can unlock change and space.

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