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The ability to move others to exchange what they have for what we have is crucial to our survival

Everyone in your org is a sales person. Selling one idea over someone else's, time for meetings, political capital for more budget. The problems are...

1. Rarely is this acknowledged

2. Rarely is everyone taught sales (influence) fundamentals

3. Much of your org is likely filled with bad sales people

...Bad sales people...

a. Often are ineffective at driving outcomes requiring buy-in of others

b. Often use tactics that burn others, or disappoint others for lack of effectiveness

c. Often contribute to cultural malaise/mediocrity

The ability for an organization

to get what it needs

to survive & have a positive culture

is based upon

the ability of its individuals

to influence (sell)

in healthy & effective ways.

Invest in training everyone on sales (influence) fundamentals


If you're interested in programs to help all employees

learn, respect, and enjoy

the fundamental concepts, mindsets, and practices

of sales and influence...

...shoot me a note and we can chat...

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