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The Only Answer is Yes

I have a few #CEO, #CRO & #COO clients I connect with every Friday to ask a question. The only answer that I ever want (and that they want to give) is "YES."

That question is:

🔸 Did everyone do what they committed to do?

We both know what single achievement

each of their direct reports can do each week,

that will have the *highest + direct* impact to:

(a) Top-line revenue

(b) Bottom line profitability

(c) Consistency/predictability of either of the above

We've done the work to clarify what those things are.

We have a system in which everyone logs their commitments to those.

This takes time, effort, process, discipline.

But it's one way in which effective #execution happens.

And without effective execution,

#strategy is wasted,

#outcomes are limited,

#culture reverts to the mean of mediocrity.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you're a #CEO, #CRO, or #COO

who needs to ensure your organization is executing,

and wants to set up a process of this nature,


and we can explore what it would look like for you.

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