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The Paradox of Success

CEOs & executives often fail not because of a lack of ambition, ability, vision, drive, or other matters of excellence. Many times it's...

...the Paradox of Success:

New dynamics that come with increasing success

make old ways of operating increasingly damning.

There are:

• 3 dynamics that create a trap

• 2 reasons it's so hard to get out of

• 5 rationalizations execs commonly give to avoid getting help

....and a few hard truths we need to hear

to prevent the hard falls that we need to avoid.

This isn't alarmism:

Just google "CEO replacement rates".

And you know who is easier to replace than a CEO?

Almost any executive below them.

Like I said...hard truths.

If you're a successful executive

and want to know more:

shoot me a message.

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