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The Reason For Your Unpopular, Difficult Decisions

Updated: May 9

Every great leader must make difficult & unpopular decisions, to solve the #100MillionDollarProblem...or day-to-day. What makes it far easier... having something you point to

that directs and justifies

for the board, employees,

customers, yourself, everyone...


• Why would HCE reductions be heavier in one part of the org?

• Why invest the limited hiring budget in another part of the org?

• Why shift your market positioning & ICP now?

• Why choose to wind-down a particular product?

• Why are you hiring that role from the outside?

• Why are comp & incentive plans changing in this way?


It serves you to have something that you point to that persists.

It was there before your decision

and will be there after your decision.

It's the reason you made your decision.

That persisting anchor explaining WHY

is a well-formulated, documented & socialized


If you're a #CEO, #COO, or #CRO

and know the next year will bring some very difficult decisions

but you don't have a clear, compelling, credible #Strategy

upon which to justify all of those hard calls


and we can talk about an (X)Form Strategy engagement.

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